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[19 Feb 2011|04:48pm]

Arrived in Poland! Free airport wifi!!

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Day Three & Day Four [11 Dec 2010|01:50pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Don't make stupid spelling/grammar mistakes

2. Have a beard/not shitty facial hair <3333333333333

3. Smoke (I know this is probably disgusting, but I find smoking irresistibly sexy in an Old Hollywood sort of way)

4. Be liberally minded/politically swayed

5. Be non-religious

6. Be well read

7. Do small, sweet things

8. Don't call me crazy (even though I totally fucking am)

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. I wonder what I should eat ...

2. Fucking douchebag is fucking her right now ...

3. I don't wannnnaaaaa !

4. "I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you" related to customers

5. I think about money a lot, and worry about my debt.

6. I think about how I wish I lived in the UK

7. I just generally think about things I want to do

Wow ... I'm lazy.

The Rest:
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.


Yay!! [16 Oct 2010|07:48pm]
This post brought to you from my new chair, coincidentally located at my new desk! Will post photos next month when I have it all decorated how I want!


[11 Oct 2010|02:57pm]
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Even though I don't celebrate it, it seems like a very nice holiday. I think I'll honor it by watching a Thanksgiving episode of Roseanne.

I wish my family was like the one on Roseanne. It's always been one of my favorite shows.

[09 Oct 2010|06:01pm]
I'm thinking getting this cape cardigan


9 Days Until Cuba [12 Aug 2010|11:24am]
Only 9 days left, I work every single day, and I still have to:

- Trim bangs
- Wax, dye etc etc my entire body
- Pack
- Do laundry/iron clothes
- Buy SPF, creams, bug spray, meds etc.
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diet woes [10 Aug 2010|10:33pm]
i can't seem to get my eating under control. i can't stop munching on random crap. new rule: i can't eat anything unless i'm sitting down.

renewed look! [09 Aug 2010|01:39pm]
I dyed my hair

photos from emily's party on SaturdayCollapse )
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Where were you? [10 Apr 2010|08:29am]
It's never nice to wake up and find out that the President in charge of running the country where most of your family and loved ones live has died unexpectedly on the soil of a country regarded to be an enemy by those living in Poland.

Cue hysteria in private, mourning in public.

It's sad to watch.

[15 Mar 2010|08:44am]
uuugggghhhhhhhh :(
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January 16th 2010 [19 Jan 2010|10:21pm]
Susan, 21, Toronto. This is the first day of my weekend mini-getaway to New York City.

Fitfy Pictures TotalCollapse )
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Yum... [18 Dec 2009|09:26am]
What I'm lusting after now:

Panasonic RP-HTX7 Retro Piano Painted Headphones


[02 Dec 2009|10:40am]
[ mood | confused ]

dear super old guy sitting behind me in class,

please stop growling randomly



[13 Nov 2009|09:47am]
[ mood | productive ]

Plan for the day:

1. Leave in ten minutes. Go get an upper lip wax and eyebrow threading because I look like a monster

2. Go to my knee specialist to be told, again, there's nothing that can be done for my condition and would I like loads of pain killers (the answer will be "yes please!"). I also need to ask him if there's some sort of a bionic device I can wear on my knee while working out cause it's starting to get sore.

For those who are unaware, I had a knee injury 6 years ago during the SARS outbreak. At that time, if you went into emergency they wanted to get you out as fast as possible. They took an x-ray, tole me to stop complaining and go home cause it was just sprained. 2-3 weeks later, my knee was still the size of a softball because of the swelling so I went to see my GP. He flipped out and sent me immediately to a specialist without even filling out a referral form. The specialist (orthopedic surgeon) took one x-ray and realized it was broken in 2 places, ripped in 2-3 and I had ripped off a piece of cartilage that was just floating around. A week later I was in the operating room. I've been back twice more since then to be operated on because of all the damage incurred during the time it was ignored. In retrospect, I should have sued for malpractice. It's pretty much ruined my life and any chance of leading a normal one.

3. Get sushi on my way home. Yum!

4. Go to a 1 hour massage

5. Come home. Die and relax.


I am [12 Nov 2009|11:30am]
[ mood | blah ]

I am a terrible procrastinator. I delay writing almost every essay I have for school. Most of the stuff I hand in, I hand in days after it was due thus losing points on late penalties. This would almost be acceptable if I was legitimately stupid. I'm not, I'm just lazy. I've been avoiding an essay for 3 weeks, it is already 2 days late. I sat down to do it yesterday from scratch and I almost have it done. I have most of my ideas formulated, I just need to write them down. And now I will likely hand this stupid thing in 3 days late (unless I go down tonight after work) and I will lose 15% off of the grade.

Ugh, when will I learn?

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fun fact [20 Oct 2009|11:04pm]
My younger dog, Romeo, loves to chew on empty water bottles. He begs to get them once you're done drinking. He's taken to begging to full ones, prompting me to chug what's left of the water to get him off my back

[29 Sep 2009|07:44am]
Herbie is going into surgery this morning. Fingers crossed, pretty please.
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a survey before my last exam!! [06 May 2009|10:42am]
follow me!Collapse )

Uhm ... [24 Feb 2009|09:36pm]
I was looking at Yoga Toes online because I have bad bunions, refuse to get insoles, and my feet constantly hurt.

Anyway, I'm busy looking at them when I see this in the side panel:

Looks like a vagina, dunnit?

Then I clicked it (because I am a pervert) and they are mini vibrators!

Now, any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that this is some sort of weird sex toy. Nope. They're mini massagers for Yoga Toes.

Sure. Whatever you say, Chief...
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[29 Dec 2008|11:06pm]
New Years Eve Plans are as follows:

1. Sit at home all night
2. Eat two bags/boxes of milk chocolate Lindt truffle chocolates by myself
3. Eat entire bag of Ms Vickie's chips by myself (flavor yet to be determined)
4. Drink whole bottle of red wine or champagne by myself, yet to be decided
5. Watch films, yet to be determined ... Ahha! Will watch Bridget Jones (I and II), Love Actually, Notting Hill, About A Boy - Basically, a Hugh Grant kind of night
6. Try to stay awake past midnight
7. Refrain from sending embarrassing, drunken texts to persons I should not be texting, that I will later regret
8. Will act completely nonchalant

shazamCollapse )
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